Bored with subway tile? 3 options you'll love.

bored with subway tile, 3 options you'll love hex tile in bathroom interior design, B. Clark Interior Design Lake Oswego, OR

There are a lot of reasons to love subway tile. It's classic, it comes in many colors and sizes, and it can be installed in many different layouts so it can work with most design styles. But what if subway tile isn't your thing? What if instead of embracing that rectangular shape, you want something a little more geometrically creative?  I've got three options that just might have the creative edge you're looking for. 


Hex tile used to come in limited colors and sizes. There was the small black and white hex tiles and then larger, terra cotta versions. These are both still available, but now you can find hex tiles in a wide range of sizes and colors that will compliment both traditional and contemporary styles. Want small hex tile but want something more colorful than black and white? You can choose from a hex with an iridescent metallic finish, or tiles that look like they've been handmade with dark glazing on the edges. Want a larger hex but want a marble look, there's a tile for you. Like the hex shape, but want something that's a little more modern? How about an elongated hex? You can stay with classic black and white ceramic tile, or go with a glass tile that comes in wide range of colors. 

Fish Scale

Another great option to subway tile is fish scale tile. The shape has been around for a very long time but like the hex shaped tile, is now being shown in new finishes and colors that work for both traditional and modern design. Are you looking for a tile that looks interesting but isn't too busy? A simple, solid fish scale can add interest in a kitchen or bathroom without overwhelming the space. Want something that has the look of handmade tile? Choose a glass fish scale tile. The color variations in the glass have some similarities of a stained glass window, only the design can easily be used in a modern space. Want a fish scale tile that will add a glamorous look to your space? Use a marble fish scale that has metallic edging. This tile will definitely give your room some elegance. 


What if you're looking for something more unique than a different shaped tile? 3-dimensional tiles might be the right choice for you. Wanting a traditional look? You can find 3-dimensional tiles that have raised designs that have a subtle, classic look. If a contemporary tile is appropriate, you'll find plenty of choices that have interesting textures and fun colors. For lovers of mid-century modern style, there are many options that look like they're right out of the 50's. When considering using 3-dimensional tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, keep in mind these beautiful tiles require more upkeep if they're used in a shower or cooking area. 

Hopefully these 3 options will give you some ideas so you can avoid using subway tile you think is boring. There are a lot of other style options if you want to see more. If you need help navigating the selection and design process, I can help with that. Remember, life's too short to live with boring tile.