What should I expect when working with a designer?

The first step is to start a conversation about your project. What are your goals, what do you love about your space, what do you want to change, how do you want your space to feel, do you have an inspiration for this project? Measurements and photos are taken of the space. A design plan is then drawn up. This plan helps ensure that whatever product is used in this project will work within the confines of the space. Next, based on what the client’s desired style and functional needs of the space, the design concept is pulled together. At this point, materials, fabrics, and products are presented to the client for their approval. If necessary, the design plan is tweaked until the client is happy with the look and signs off on the plan. Then tile, furniture, fabric, light fixtures, etc. are ordered. All the details for the design concept become a reality on installation day.

How long does a project take from beginning to completion?

This is determined by the size and scope of the project. A simple design plan involving buying furniture and fabrics, can take up to 3 months, if everything is readily available. A bathroom or kitchen remodel could take the same length of time if there aren’t any major changes to the floor plan and products used are readily available. Any concerns about time constraints are talked about in my first consultation.

How involved do I need to be? 

A client can be as involved with the project as they choose to be. This is something we talk about to find out what’s the best approach for the client.

One of the advantages to working with me is the selection of products that are available to me through my wholesale and showroom accounts. Because of these accounts, I can offer products at special pricing for my clients.

How do you work with vendors?

I don’t have a big project in mind but I’d like to get your input on some design details. Do you do consultations? 

Yes, I do design consultations! I can do what I call a walk and talk for your home or a specific room. I’ll answer all your design questions and then give you some suggestions for furniture placement, accessories, and whatever else you have questions about. I then give you a copy of the notes I’ve taken during our appointment so you’ll have this information to make the changes we talked about.

I need help choosing paint colors for my home. Can you help me?

As a Confident Color System consultant, I have gotten training on how to help a client select a color palette that not only reflects their own personal taste but also works in their home. With a color consultation you’ll get a detailed listing of the paints selected and any other information relating to the colors chosen.

My entire home needs to be updated, but I need to do the work in stages. Can you help me come up with a plan that I can work on as my time and budget allow? 

This is something I love to help clients do! It can be overwhelming to know where to start when you’re looking at a whole house update. My focus on a long term design plan consultation is to come up with a clear, well thought out plan that will help my clients know where to start and how to make changes that are consistent from the beginning to the end of their project. At the end of the consultation, the client is given notes on the color scheme that was determined during the consultation, ideas on how to be consistent with colors throughout their home, a list of what projects should be done in what order, and ideas for products to use in their home that will work for a long term renovation.

I know I want to do the work myself or hire contractors to do the job, but I get overwhelmed when I go to a showroom to look at products. Can you do a design plan for me that I can implement myself?

Absolutely! On projects like these, I do a design plan and then give the client all the information needed to implement the project from start to finish. If the client needs names of contractors to do the work, I can give them a list of contractors they can choose from to work on their project.