It's said that hindsight is 20/20. Looking back, it’s clear to see that a career in interior design is what I should have pursued. But instead, I took a different path and got on with life. I worked, got married, had a family, and used my creative interests and talents to make comfortable homes. Homes that encouraged friends and family to put their feet up and pull a magazine off a shelf; homes that made everyone who came in feel at home. Others noticed and asked for my help. People buying our homes asked if I was an interior designer.  Those words planted the seed of an idea.

The time came when I decided it was time to make that idea a reality. I went to interior design school and opened my own interior design studio. You could say I’ve come back to doing what I’ve always loved.

The journey I took to this life hasn’t been a simple, straightforward line. It’s far more interesting than that. My wandering path gave me the skills needed to listen to clients and make their design dreams come true. To build on these skills, I’ve become a Confident Color Consultant, so I can help simplify the process of selecting colors that will make client’s homes more personal and inviting. I’m also the President Elect of  the Portland chapter of the Interior Design Society.

I believe the experiences in my life have led me back to doing what I've always loved so I can help others have homes that are welcoming and comfortable too. Are you looking for someone who will listen to your ideas and understand your design needs?  If so, contact me today to schedule a consultation. I look forward to hearing more about your project.